During the years of prohibition, Bergoff Beers focused on near beer beverages and soft drinks. These four sodas pay tribute to those original recipes and the long-standing tradition of providing non-alcoholic options for customers who understand the importance of the best tasting libations.


During prohibition times, Berghoff offered a draft style soft drink known as “Bergo,” which tasted very similar to root beer. When prohibition ended, Berghoff kept the Bergo tradition alive by introducing their Root Beer Soda. For over 75 years, Berghoff has offered their root beer in bottle form. With a cream style taste reminiscent of the first half of the 20th century, this is any Root Beer enthusiasts dream.


Often regarded as the best Diet Root Beer available, Berghoff offers a sweet creamy taste that any fan of bubbly will love, even if they need to watch their figure. With over 75 years of experience making flavorful sodas, you can guarantee even the youngest of Berghoff’s soda family will make you feel like a German King.


The delicious prunus serotina, commonly known as the black cherry, doesn’t disguise itself behind sugary syrups in Berghoff’s Black Cherry Soda. Brewed with the intent to please young and old alike, anyone with an appreciation for carbonated beverages and classically simple flavor will love Beghoff’s Black Cherry Soda.


The fruitful citrus of Berghoff’s Orange Soda won’t make you pucker your lips but will widen your eyes with joyous pleasure. Brewed from their classic recipe, this is what orange soda should taste like. Full of flavor with the perfect amount of carbonation to awaken tastebuds and bring smiles to any soda-lovers face.

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