Berghoff’s history goes back over 120 years and, in that time, has developed a reputation of high quality and consistency that you’d expect from a hard-working men and women dedicated to their craft.


The first year of production saw The Berghoff Brewery produce 12,000 barrels of the famous lager beer. By 1890, that number had grown to 90,000 barrels.


During World War I, the brothers paid homage to their adopted country by changing the company slogan from “A Real German Brew” to “A Real Honest Brew.”


sales at Berghoff Brewery were flat and in need of modernization. With the cost to modernize much higher than a family run business could handle, in 1954, the Berghoff family sold their brewery and the beers they produced to the Falstaff Brewing Company of St. Louis.

Through the Walter Brewing Company network, Berghoff Beer was produced and distributed semi-nationally, until around 1960, when The Joseph Huber Brewery was awarded the right to produce Berghoff beer. This led to the brewery receiving full ownership and brewing rights for the brand. From 1960, through recent times, Joseph Huber continued to produce and expand upon the Berghoff beer line.


The beer continued to grow in popularity, until it “hit its stride” as a large regional brand in the mid 1990’s.

Today, The Berghoff Brewing Company is still providing this high quality, popular brew to every person who desires it.


The first batch of Berghoff beer was brewed in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1887 by Herman Berghoff and his three brothers, Henry, Hubert, and Gustav.


In 1892, Herman’s desire to expand the market for the family’s beer led him to sell the product at the Chicago World’s Fair where it received high acclaim.


During prohibition, the brewery stayed open by producing “Bergo”, a soft drink similar to root beer, and Berghoff Malt Tonic, which was said to be useful in aiding both the young and old in fighting a number of health problems. After prohibition was repealed, the brewery was the 1st in Indiana to produce legal “3.2” beer.

Shortly after the family sold the company, the Berghoff brand was sold to the Walter Brewing Company, which was based out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. During that period, a majority of the Berghoff produced was done out of their Pueblo, Colorado facility.

As the brewery looks to the future, Berghoff beer will continue to evolve as trends change but will always maintain its roots as an authentic German style brew whose history and tradition will never be forgotten.