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Introducing Berghoff’s NEW Rowdy Root Beer!

Introducing Berghoff's Rowdy Root Beer!

Who said root beer is a kid’s drink? For over 75 years, we’ve been brewing creamy bottles of root beer for soft drink enthusiasts of all ages. But this year, we wanted to kick things up a notch by intensifying your favorite childhood soda pop. We are proud to introduce Rowdy Root Beer, an alcoholic root beer that’s bound to become a classic, coming in at 6.6% ABV. Don’t let your children grab a hold of this one.

It’s Time To Get Rowdy

Creamy, smooth and malty, Rowdy Root Beer is crafted from a flavorless porter mixed with all natural sugar cane root beer mix to retain the unforgettable aroma of draft root beer. As you sip on the brew, you’ll notice familiarly smooth root flavors along with an additional alcoholic kick. The finish introduces after tones of the delicious malts the beer is carefully brewed with. We worked with Northwestern Extract to achieve the iconic root beer flavor, testing out 15 different prototypes before choosing the final recipe. Your favorite soda can finally give you a great buzz. It’s time to grab your blow horns and get rowdy!

Berghoff Rowdy Root Beer Food Pairings

All of our brews taste best when paired with the right delicacies. Rowdy Root Beer is no exception. This twist on the American classic soda pop pairs best with food that is just as patriotic as it is. Try sipping on Rowdy Root Beer with hot dogs and ketchup, burgers and fries, and barbequed ribs. Bring a few iced cans of Rowdy Root Beer out in the backyard with you this summer as you’re firing up your BBQ. The cool, creamy and sweet flavors of our root beer will pair perfectly with the savoury saltiness of your favorite BBQ meals. Best of all, you’ll get a nice buzz from a can too.

Finish your meal off with the first dessert that comes to mind when you think of root beer: vanilla ice cream. Plop a scoop into an ice-cold pint glass full of Rowdy Root Beer for a classic float. Or sip on the beer while eating a bowlful of vanilla ice cream with your favorite toppings: chocolate syrup, sprinkles and caramel. Whatever you choose, it’ll be sure to bring you back to the good ol’ days.

Berghoff’s Long Root Beer History

Though we’re not huge fans of Prohibition (for obvious reasons), something good did come out of it. While beer was banned, we started brewing a soft drink called “Bergo” in order to keep our business going. This soft drink, which was similar to root beer, was said to aid the young and old in fighting off a number of health problems. After Prohibition ended, we kept our soda tradition going by developing Bergo into our first root beer soda, which we still sell today.

Every day we continue to evolve just like we have in the past. Rowdy Root Beer is a testament to our roots and the dynamic craft beverage scene. As soon as we release this new brew in July, make sure to check out our beer finder to get your hands on a can in the midwest and Florida. It’s time to get rowdy!