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5 Hilarious Political Beers in Honor of Election Day

5 Hilarious Political Beers in Honor of Election Day
Politics can be bitterly divisive, particularly during this election season. But there’s nothing like a good, cold beer to bring people together – unless, of course, it was brewed to celebrate or poke fun at one of the political candidates, like these election-themed beers. It’s nearly time to pick your side and drink to it! Depending on the outcome, you may want to stock up on these for Election Day.

Unfortunately for republicans, there isn’t a whole lot of GOP-love from breweries this election year.

Chinga Tu Pelo – 5 Rabbit Cervecería

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump boasts of his smart business practices. But insulting Mexican immigrants while collaborating with a Latino-owned brewery might not have been one of his best.

5 Rabbit Cervecería in Chicago produced Trump Golden Ale exclusively for Rebar, a lounge inside the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago. Following Trump’s insults towards Mexicans, the brewery stopped producing the beer and rebranded what remained as “Chinga Tu Pelo,” or “F— your hair” in Spanish.

The beer is now sold at Rodgers Park Social in cans emblazoned with an image of Trump’s hair. $1 of each sale of Chinga Tu Pelo goes to a local charity. Check out more Trump beers here!

Chill Clinton – Exile Brewing

During the 1992 campaign, Democratic candidate Bill Clinton, who went on to win the election, infamously said he had tried marijuana as a student but “didn’t inhale.” Exile Brewing dumped extra hemp seeds (700 pounds worth!) into their Double Hemp Amber Ale and named it after the former President. Clinton is sketched on the label wearing sunglasses and playing the saxophone.

The beer doesn’t reference his wife, current Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. But she proved her chillness when she stopped by the Iowa brewery during her campaign to snag a four-pack of Chill Clinton and a photo with the brewery staff.

Hello My Name is Vladimir – BrewDog

Russia has been a hot topic during the 2016 campaign because of Trump’s praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin, along with rampant rumors of Russian hackers attempting to influence the election. A few years ago, the most well known Russian controversy wasn’t hacking. It was Russia’s “anti-gay” legislation against “homosexual propaganda,” including gay pride parades and gay rights advocacy.

To mock the Russian leader and protest his discriminatory policies, Scottish brewery BrewDog created a double IPA. Bottled with a fluorescent label depicting a Putin in full makeup and the facetious note “*not for gays,” the limited edition brew rolled out in time for the Sochi Olympics. Brewdog even sent a case to Putin himself.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote Drumpf Series – Dock Street Beer

 The Trump name is world famous today, but only because of his ancestors. Trump’s ancestors, the Drumpfs, chose to “Americanize” their surname when they arrived to the U.S. Philadelphia’s Dock Street Brewery doesn’t want to let anyone forget Trump’s roots – or vote for Donald Drumpf.

The Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote Drumpf Series is, according to the brewery, “a series of quaffable reminders to exercise your suffrage, and just dump Drumpf.” The first beer of the series was the Short-Fingered Stout, “a bitter, delusional stout with an airy, light-colored head atop a so-so body.” Currently on tap is A Pathological Lager, which is actually a fruited saison.

Bernie Weisse – Zero Gravity Beer

The Burlington, Vermont-based Zero Gravity Brewery introduced a Berliner weisse, a German-style wheat ale, in honor of the state’s Senator Bernie Sanders, who ran for the 2016 Democratic nomination. The former Burlington mayor was popular for his feisty campaign speeches and progressive policies, and his namesake brew is described as a “slightly sour and forward-thinking ale.”

Sanders lost the nomination to Hillary Clinton. But Zero Gravity scored a big win with the tribute beer. Introduced first in their brewpub, a limited canning run sold out within five hours of its Super Tuesday release.

Looking for something a little more neutral? Our Stock Ale is easy-to-drink and respectably hopped up with the original All-American hop: Cluster. It’s a little soft, vanilla-sweet and crisp – perfect for those on the fence or who aren’t politically aggressive. Use our beer finder below to pick a 12-pack up. Enjoy!