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5 Creepiest Beer Names to Make You Scream for Halloween

5 Creepiest Beer Names to Make You Scream for Halloween
Of course, it’s important that a seasonal beer tastes good. But it’s equally important that the beer reflects the essence of the season. The only way Halloween beers can really do their job is if they are able to give you the heebie-jeebies. And these ones do. Here are beers that not only taste great, but that also have creepy beer names to get you and your friends in the Halloween spirit!

Mephistopheles – Avery Brewing Co.

There’s nothing like a demonic tale to get the heart pounding. Mephistopheles is just one of three beers in Avery Brewing’s Demon of Ales series. And it’s a terrifying one. This beer takes on the name of a pervasive demon presented in German folklore who can do your bidding for the small price of your soul. The stout features incredible grape, chocolate-cherry, rum-soaked dark fruit, and espresso notes. Do you dare taste the pleasures that Mephistopheles has to offer?

Evil Dead Red – AleSmith Brewing Co.

For their Halloween brew, AleSmith smashed together three creepy words to evoke one even creepier image: blood-soaked death, of the evil variety. While the name and packaging are pretty terrifying, the actual beer doesn’t disappoint either. It pours a deep blood-red color, with pine, citrus and caramel notes. Who knew something so morbid could be so easy to drink?

Massacre – Wolverine State Brewing Co.

Speaking of blood, there’s nothing more gruesome than a massacre. Wolverine State’s Massacre lager doesn’t hold back at 13% ABV. It’s aged in bourbon barrels for woody flavor and delicious, boozy warmth. Smooth, creamy, and filled with bold flavor, this beer is bloody brilliant!

Zombie Monkey – Tallgrass Brewing Co.

What’s worse than a normal zombie? Its monkey counterpart. Monkeys are already known as smart, sly and agile tricksters. We can’t imagine what a bloodthirsty zombie monkey would do to satisfy its cravings. That being said, Tallgrass’ porter tastes great, with a nice balance of floral hops, roasted dark chocolate notes and specialty malts.

Maudite – Unibroue

There’s almost nothing worse than the idea of burning in hell for all eternity. So why not make a beer about it? Maudite, by Unibroue in Canada, means “damned” in Québécois. This dark ale was named in remembrance of the eight lumberjacks who sold their soul to the devil in order to fly home in their canoe for the holidays. One of the lumberjacks broke his vow with the devil, which led to the entire canoe falling from the sky. Maudite’s flavor reflects this harsh story with its strong 8% ABV, big malt, wild spice and coriander flavor, and a bold hop finish.

Looking for a not-so-creepy option this Halloween? Our Reppin’ Red rocks Halloween with its blood-red color and warm, bold flavor. Expect scary-sweet caramel and toasted toffee flavor, notes of peppery spices and a sharp hop finish. Use our Beer Finder below to find a bottle of Reppin’ Red near you!