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6 Apps & Devices to Help You Tell If You’re Too Drunk To Drive

6 Apps & Devices to Help You Tell If You're Too Drunk To Drive
Sometimes you get so drunk that you actually think you can drive. And if you’re lucky, you have faithful friends (or strangers) by your side that politely pop your bubble of confidence and call you a cab instead. Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on your friends when they’re just as drunk as you are. That’s what these apps are for. We don’t think you should drive at all if you’ve had a drink, but if that’s not going to persuade you, maybe these six apps and devices will.

The following technology can help you estimate if you’re legally too drunk to drive. Though more accurate than you probably are when you’re wasted, this technology is not 100 percent accurate and should not be taken as such. Alcohol affects every person differently. When you have had a drink or two, be smart and call a cab. It’s not worth unsafe driving or a DUI. These apps are more of a guide to help you better understand your limit so that you can make smarter decisions.

Alcohoot Breathalyzer App


By far one of the coolest blood-alcohol content (BAC) technologies out there, Alcohoot transforms your smartphone into a breathalyzer. It’s cheaper and better looking than most handheld breathalyzers, and plugs right into your smartphone’s headphone jack. The tool uses an FDA-approved fuel cell sensor, the same technology the cops at DUI checkpoints use. Best of all, it comes with a free app that helps you to easily understand your alcohol intake and BAC.

Price: $99

FME Craft Beer BAC Calculator

Frank M. Eidson’s Craft Beer BAC Calculator

There are a ton of BAC calculators out there. But what makes Edison’s calculator especially awesome is that it takes into consideration the exact beer you’re drinking with its search tool. You can find pretty much any craft beer on it. Afterwards, input your gender, weight and how many hours you’ve been drinking. Then, hit the “Calculate BAC” button, and you’ll get your BAC estimate!

Price: Free!



Take your BAC calculator on the road with you with IntelliDrink. As a result of your inputs throughout the night, IntelliDrink tracks your BAC on a graph and estimates when you’ll be sober again. You can also add a reminder to get notified when you have reached a specific BAC. With this app, you’ll have a much better idea about how to control your drinking. Hopefully that means no getting behind the wheel of a car after a few drinks.

Price: $1.99

R-U-Buzzed? BAC Calculator App

R-U-Buzzed? BAC Calculator

Another BAC Calculator, R-U-Buzzed measures your BAC based on your weight, gender, amount of alcohol consumed and the time you’ve been drinking. If you’re estimate is above the legal driving limit, the words “You’re buzzed” will appear. The best part about this app is its GPS feature, which helps you to find a cab to take you home safely. This makes your drinking life a whole lot easier and safer.

Price: Free!

Guardian Interlock Breathalyzer

Guardian Interlock

If you have a real problem with drunk driving, Guardian Interlock might be the best solution for you. The Interlock system involves a breathalyzer that is attached to your ignition. You won’t be able to start up your car unless you are legally sober enough to drive. Though quite expensive, this device is definitely worth it if you need it. No more drunk driving for you.

Price: $500 – $1,600

Handheld/Portable Breathalyzers

Classic handheld breathalyzers are not only great for letting you know your BAC, but can also ironically lead to some fun party/drinking games. Though if you’re going to do the latter, we recommend you don’t drive. Like all BAC technology the accuracy of these breathalyzers depends on their quality. You can get anything from cheaper, keychain breathalyzers to easily carry with you wherever you go, or high-grade handheld ones. Check out reviews and the technology used to make sure you’re purchasing an accurate BAC reader.

Price: Typically $30 – $300

Disclaimer: These blood-alcohol content devices provide you with only estimates and are not sufficiently accurate to be considered legal evidence. The calculations are averages. Personal alcohol tolerance may vary from person to person, based on the food they’ve consumed, their health and psychological conditions, medications and other factors. Alcohol portions may vary from establishment to establishment as well.