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7 Cool Beer Bottle Openers You’ll Love Using

Cool Beer Bottle Openers
A bottle opener is a man’s best friend. Dogs can’t open your favorite beer in times of need. Since bottle openers are a beer lover’s most necessary companion, it’s important that you spend a lot of time choosing the best one for you. After all, they’ll be with you wherever you go, ready to crack open a cold one when the time’s right. We here at Berghoff Beer have come up with 7 of the coolest bottle openers in the world. These are perfect gifts for the beer lovers in your life and a great way to treat yourself to some awesome beer gear. Reef Leather Fanning Sandal Bottle Opener

Reef Leather Fanning Sandal Bottle Opener

When you drink a beer at the end of the day or on a sunny afternoon with your buddies, you’re usually looking to let loose, relax and feel comfortable. We didn’t think anything screamed comfort more than sandals–that is, until we saw these. Reef created the perfect pair of sandals, featuring high quality leather, arch support, a heel airbag, and, most importantly, a bottle opener. You’ll never have to search for your bottle opener on a lazy Sunday again.

GrOpener One Handed Beer Bottle Opener

GrOpener One-Handed Beer Bottle Opener

Why use two hands to open one beer when you can use two hands to open two beers? The brilliant team at GrOpener created a one-handed bottle opener to allow you to do just that. It’s extremely easy to use, comes in a variety of colors and fits right on your key ring. Even better, it’s not too expensive. Become a one-handed-beer-bottle-opening master with GrOpener. NAX 2.0 Beer Bottle Opener

NAX 2.0

Probably the coolest item on our list, the NAX 2.0 is part kukri knife, part machete and part hatchet with a paracord-wrapped grip. Pretty intense. Did we mention it also works as a pry bar, gas-shut off wrench and a bottle opener? Everything needed for survival in extreme conditions. While out in the dangerous wilderness or in the safety of your warm home, NAX 2.0 will serve you well as an every day carry piece and help you to cut, chop, skin and clear anything in your path, as well as open that much-needed bottle of beer (the tool’s most important feature for survival, in our opinion). Han Solo in Carbonite Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener

Han Solo in Carbonite Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener

When Han Solo was frozen in carbonite for Jabba the Hut, it probably wasn’t with the intention of creating a bottle opener out of him. But, alas, the deed is done. This incredibly cool beer bottle opener is perfect for any Star Wars fan who loves beer. It has two magnets on the back so you can mount the opener on your fridge or in your trophy room. And, since he’s frozen, you won’t have to hear any of Han Solo’s snarky comments if you open a beer that isn’t to his liking. PDW Standard Issue Dog Tag Tool

PDW Standard Issue Dog Tag Tool

This beautifully crafted edc tool from Prometheus Design Werx isn’t just the most durable bottle opener you’ll ever come across. It also features a closed end wrench, ¼ bit driver and battery bay driver–all of which is fitted in a dog tag that you can easily hang on around your neck. Made with Grade 5 Titanium, this Standard Issue Dog Tag Tool is a trustworthy companion on any adventure, especially one that you’ll be drinking on. DropCatch Magnetic Mounted Beer Bottle Opener

DropCatch Magnetic Mounted Beer Bottle Opener

Mounted bottle openers are a must have in any beer-drinkers home. Mounted bottle openers that catch bottle caps after you’ve popped them off are even better. The folks over at DropCatch created the ultimate bottle opener, with built-in magnets that catch your bottle caps as they fall down. Not only does this make life easier for you, but it’s also an awesome way to show off the different kinds of beer you drink. Credit Card Size Casino Bottle Opener

Credit Card Size Casino Bottle Opener

If you’re a classy drinker, this ace of spades bottle opener may be the perfect one for you. The ace-shaped hole in the middle of the stainless steel card cleverly opens beer and soda bottles. Though long, the slim design allows you to fit the bottle opener into your pocket or wallet for easy access when you need it.