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6 Beer Infused Recipes for the Fall

beer food recipes
While we love a good beer to drink, there’s a lot you can do when using your beer as an ingredient to a meal. Whether it be on the grill, the stove, or the oven, using a good beer to make sausage, pork chops, bread, or dips can add an enhanced flavor any beer-drinker will love. Here’s a few of our favorite recipes we’ve found roaming the internet.

Beer-Brined Grilled Porkchops

Everything in the title of this Epicurious recipe sounds amazing. Beer-brined: awesome. Grilled: always a favorite. Pork chops: key to our hearts. This recipe has you marinate your pork chops in a dark lager for over four hours. We recommend using our Sir Dunkle Dark Lager for its heavy yet sweet flavor that can penetrate the pock chop meat and leave the toasty richness this beer is known for.

Beer Bread

Bread might not be the key to your heart that Pork Chops are, but if they’re baked with a good filling of beer, well that might just change your mind. Jamie at My Baking Addiction has supplied the world with a simple yet flavorful recipe for Beer Bread. The recipe calls for 12 ounces of beer, in which she admits to using Bud Light. Although we love a good American domestic, we suggest using something just a little more flavorful than that. Sticking to a ‘lighter’ beer, we suggest our Germaniac Pale Ale. Subtle honey and molasses notes and a nutty character will guarantee this bread is filled with delicious goodness that a simple domestic just can’t deliver. Mixed with three types of malted barley, wheat, and a dash of oats, the Germaniac has a light essence, but a bread-like delivery. If you’re considering a day of baking, make sure to pick up a case of this great brew.

Beer-Poached Grilled Sausages

Can it be? Another Recipe that sounds like the bells of heaven? Beer-Poached? Grilled? Sausages?! How can you go wrong? Especially with such a simple recipe. This one, coming from Whole Foods Market, recommends chicken sausages with an Italian or Cilantro mix. We’re all for it, however, understand if someone just so happened to switch that chicken sausage out for some real pork sausage, spicy we hope. The recipe then calls for 3 cups of beer, but does not specify which kind. Well, luckily, they got us on their team. If you want to do this right, we recommend using a solid Red Ale. Our Reppin’ Red Ale is just that with a blend of seven malts that bring a good flavor run of caramel and toasted toffee. However we recommend this red because it also has a unique peppery spiciness from the rye. This will help keep those spicy sausages nice and flavorful- whether they’re chicken or pork.

Cheddar Beer Dip with Smoked Sausage

Oh boy, we almost just had a heartache from NOT eating this immediately. How good does this sound? Here’s a great snack for you and your buddies watching the football game or a tasty appetizer right before Thanksgiving dinner. Whatever you’re thinking this dish is for, get ready for a crowd of hungry men dipping anything they can get there hands on. The dip calls for a bottle of dark beer such as Guinness. But everyone probably uses Guinness, so we recommend, again, our Sir Dunkle Dark. This beer is often paired with spicy, Mexican, and cajun foods, so of course it will go great with a cheddar cheese dip. Not too heavy with just the right sweetness, add a bottle to your cheddar and get ready for the best dip you’ve ever had.

Blackened Beer-Brined Chicken Breasts

The Kitchn has helped us make one of the most delicious chicken breasts you’ll ever try. Obviously because they’re soaked in one of our favorite beers. The recipe calls for a dark or amber beer, so we chose our classic, Bavarian-styled lager, Oktoberfest. With a rich malt and a good amount of hoppy flavor, it mixes well with the cider marinade the recipe calls for. As the chicken soaks in all its tasty-goodness, this Oktoberfest beer delivers a light touch yet a heavy complexity that will keep the chicken flavorful without becoming overpowered by the beer flavor (though they may not be a bad thing).

Stout & Siracha Beer Barbecue Sauce

Last on our list of great beer flavored foods is not really a food, but a condiment. We figure, if you don’t have four hours to soak your pork chops or chicken in beer, then do the next best thing: smother them in a beer-infused barbecue sauce. This Stout & Siracha has a sweet and spicy flavor. Though its very easy just to make this spicy without the sweet (just add more Siracha). Either way, the recipe calls for a stout beer, so we recommend our Winter Ale. Although we don’t call it a stout, it has the high alcohol content and the heavy, dark tone that this barbecue sauce requires. Filled with six malts for an aromatic complexity and sweet flavor notes of cookie, caramel, and raisin. The Winter Ale will put the sweet in this sweet and spicy sauce. Thanks to The Beeroness for this great recipe. There are hundreds of beer infused meals to choose from, we just happened to find these six to be our favorite this week. Don’t hesitate to try your own concoctions though. Just remember, everything tastes better with beer. If you follow that rule, anything can become beer-infused with just a little imagination.